How to Create a Professional Website in Ethiopia with WordPress

Website in Ethiopia: How to Create a Professional Website in Ethiopia with WordPress

Learn how to make a professional website in Ethiopia using WordPress, the most popular and user-friendly web design tool. Know how to pick a domain name, web hosting, theme, plugins, and so on.

WordPress is a good platform for developing professional websites in Ethiopia. It is easy to handle and has many features that make it ideal for web design. Here are some tips to help you create a professional website in Ethiopia with WordPress:

Owning a website in Ethiopia means potential access to more customers, as well as display of products or services and building a brand. In this blog post, we will teach you how to design a professional website in Ethiopia with WordPress.

Step 1: Choose a domain name

Creating a website begins with choosing a domain name. Your domain name needs to be relevant, memorable, and available. Tools such as Namecheap can be used to determine domain availability.Here are some tips for choosing a domain name:

Keep it short and simple
Make it easy to remember
Keywords about your business
Avoid numbers and hyphens

Step 2: Choose a web hosting

Web hosting is service that enables you to publish your website on the internet. You should pick a reputable web hosting provider that provides quality customer support.Here are some of the best web hosting providers in Ethiopia:


Different features, prices, and customer support are offered by different providers. Select the one that works for you.
Step 3: Install WordPress

After you have a domain name and a web hosting provider, you can install WordPress. WordPress is a free content management system with a user – friendly interface which allows one to easily manage and create a website.

  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Secure

Step four: Choose theme
A theme is a pre-written code that determines how a given website should look and feel. Humanize the following sentence.

Business: Astra, Divi, OceanWP

Portfolio: Hestia, OceanWP, Zillah

After selecting the theme, you should install it and activate the theme. You can also tailor it depending on your preferences.

Step 5: Choose plugins

Add-ons come as plugins, which integrate and enhance website functioning.

Yoast SEO: Helps you to optimize your website for search engines.
Contact Form 7: Allows you to set up contact forms.
WooCommerce: It introduces shopping to your website.

To add a plugin, you should visit the Plugins page in the WordPress dashboard. Find the plugin which you want to install and click on the Install Now. After installing the plugin, you can also tweak it’s configurations in accordance to your needs.


It is quite easy to come up with a professional website based in Ethiopia using WordPress technology.

Choose a domain name
Choose web hosting
Install WordPress
Choose a theme
Choose plugins

If you want your website to be effective in Ethiopia, then by following these steps you will get a professional website that will be searched engine optimized and user friendly.

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