Top Jobs Websites in Ethiopia for Employment Opportunities

Discover the best jobs websites in Ethiopia to find your next job opportunity. With a variety of industries and positions listed, these employment websites make job searching easy. Start your job hunt today

Ethiopian Job Boards: Finding the Best Online Opportunities in Ethiopia and Applying for Them 

Are you searching for a new job or career change in Ethiopia? Do you want to test the jobs websites in Ethiopia and see what it can offer? Then, you must think of applying online for jobs in Ethiopia. Among the good ways of finding and applying for the finest jobs in Ethiopia is through searching for them online. This is what you can do by doing an online job search within Ethiopia: Get more choices: Online job search provides a platform where you can scan thousands of occupations across various fields and places within Ethiopia. 

You can also look for jobs you want, with requirements that match your preferences, goals, all by a few clicks in the application process. Save time and money. You will save yourself unnecessary expenses when looking for jobs on the internet like costs associated with travel, printing of documents as well as posting these applications. 

Besides this, you can apply at once to multiple positions and use online tools and resources to enhance the quality of your applications thereby reducing expenditure on time as well as finances. Link up with employers: Through an online job search, you may connect with prospective employers within Ethiopia displaying your skills and achievement records. Furthermore, you can keep a track of your application status while getting periodic updates from potential employers too. By being able to search online, one is able to have a better reputation which leads to having an identity on the internet

Step 1: Choose a Jobs Websites in Ethiopia: Here are a few of the top Ethiopian employment portals for 2024.

Start with choosing a job website that will meet your requirements for online application of the most competitive jobs in Ethiopia from the internet. Nevertheless, not all job websites are worth your trust, some are not reliable or user-friendly. Therefore, it is important to analyze and make comparisons on a number of the leading Ethiopian job sites to be able to identify one that suits you best depending on its convenience in terms of features, categories and services for online job searching.

These are some of the leading Ethiopian jobs websites that you must think about:

General Job Portals In Ethiopia

  • Ethiojobs:  Ethiojobs is the most well-known jobs websites in Ethiopia and also enjoys great popularity as well as being seen as a trusted online job-searching platform in the country. Ethiojobs has a multitude of job offers from various sectors, such as IT, health care education, engineering, and administration, among others. There are also other things offered by Ethiojobs, such as career advice, training events, and newsletters, which help one when doing an online job search. Ethiojobs is very user-friendly, with a simple navigation path and a clear layout that allows one to access it through its app or via the web.
  • Eseworks: This website provides job listings for various industries, including banking, insurance, and engineering. It also offers career advice and tips for job seekers.
  • Employ Ethiopia: This website is a job board that provides job listings for various industries, including healthcare, education, and hospitality. You can search for jobs by location and category.
  • EtCareers: This website is a leading job board in Ethiopia that offers thousands of job vacancies from top employers. You can search and apply for jobs in Ethiopia, including ethiojobs and job vacancies in Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopian Reporter Jobs: This website provides job listings for various industries, including finance, marketing, and sales. You can search for jobs by location and category.
  • Ethio Work: This website provides job listings for various industries, including accounting, finance, and IT. You can search for jobs by location and category. is one of the best Ethiopian Job Sites for freshers and job seekers in Ethiopia. 
  • Work Ethiopian Job Vacancy: This website provides job listings for various industries, including engineering, healthcare, and education. You can search for jobs by location and category.
  • JobWebEthiopia: JobWebEthiopia is one of the best job websites in Ethiopia where you can search for jobs available. JobWebEthiopia has a variety of job vacancies covering various sectors like NGO, banking, construction, agriculture etc. In addition to that, JobWebEthiopia offers several services like CV writing, interview coaching and career counseling which assist on your online job hunt. It has a user-friendly interface with easy navigation and clear layout for JobWebEthiopia that can either be accessed via its mobile app or online.

Industry-Specific Jobs websites in Ethiopia

  • Ethiojobs Careers: This website provides job listings for various industries, including business development, communications, and community service. You can search for jobs by location and category.
  • Geezjobs: This website provides job listings for various industries, including logistics, transport, and management. You can search for jobs by location and category.
  • Qefira: Qefira is Ethiopia’s largest online marketplace as well as one of the best places to find jobs online in this country. For instance, there are different types of Qefira jobs that may be found, like accounting positions, salespeople needed for marketing goods, hotel employees required, etc.Qefira as well allows you to buy and sell items such as electronics, fashion, vehicles etc., and post and browse ads for different products and services. The user-friendly interface of Qefira makes it easy to navigate through clearly organized categories of items you are interested in purchasing. You can also use its mobile app or access it online.
  •; Job Vacancy Ethiopia 2024: Ethio Vacancies List. The Ethio Jobs provides the latest info on Addis Zemen vacancies, Reporter Job Vacancy List in NGO, Agriculture, etc for Ethiopian jobseekers.
  • NGOs in Ethiopia; is a job board specifically designed for listing opportunities within the nonprofit employment sector in Ethiopia.  It is our mission to connect organizations to passionate mission-minded job seekers. Access the complete list of job openings in all the NGOs in Ethiopia and major international organizations on 

Other Jobs Portals websites 

  • Popularity: #2,198. Jobs – jobs in ethiopia – Join us on telegram
  • advertises jobs across a wide range of job types by different employers, including private, local, international, and multinational, who are hiring in Ethiopia.
  • ; One step closer to finding your dream job recent tips post facebook twitter youtube telegram instagram dribbble promote your company.
  • lists all types of jobs from popular newspapers and job boards in Oromia, Ethiopia. It is a free online platform open for employers and job seekers to post, search, and apply for jobs online
  • Fidel jobs | jobs & vacancies in ethiopia 2021 | ethio jobs – Find latest jobs in ethiopia, vacancies in ethiopia on fideljobs. apply now for ethiopian ngo jobs, accounting and finance jobs and it jobs.
  • popularity: #14,666. Yene job – ethiopia job portal – Wonderful job site of any type of job in matter where you go, you can get up-to-date job information only with us.follow us for a better life.if you want to introduce yourself, our door is open for you to sign in for free
  • Popularity: #794. Job vacancy in ethiopia 2021 | new jobs in ethiopia – geezjobs – Search job vacancy in ethiopia. jobs in ethiopia. apply for online ethiopian jobs by best/top job posting site in ethiopia | ethiojobs, reporter jobs, ezega
  • Popularity: #979. ethiopian news, entertainment, jobs, real estate, classifieds & business guide
  • Popularity: #505. which is a job search website in Ethiopia. It has job postings from various companies and organizations in Ethiopia. 
  • Popularity: NO DATA. Harmeejobs in ethiopia – new jobs in ethiopia today. we post latest job vacancy in ethiopia.

These are among the major employment or jobs websites in Ethiopia that you should consider visiting when looking for an online job. You are free to choose any of these sites depending on your preferences or objectives and register/sign up for free. When you have settled on a job site, the next thing is to create a user profile.


Step 2: Establishing a Profile Make a polished and eye-catching profile on the jobs websites in Ethiopia for your choice

The second step is creating a professional and attractive profile on your chosen jobs website when looking for and applying for the best jobs in Ethiopia online. Your profile is an online resume that tells potential employers in Ethiopia who you are. It includes sections about yourself, education, work experiences, skills set, achievements plus many more. Moreover, this also means that one like his or her abilities, wants and aims to emerge in your profile as much different from those of others as possible. Below are guidelines on how to create a profile on your chosen job website:

Fill in the personal information: This includes name, email address and contact number with picture. Ensure all your personal data are filled out correctly and completely with accuracy as well as ensure it remains current at any given time. Also use a professional photograph which clearly shows your face.

Fill in the education category: These will include degree, major area of study, institution where you studied, and year of graduation. Fill out your educational background starting from the most recent one until the earliest one.

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Step 3: Look for Jobs

The third important point to note when looking for the best jobs in Ethiopia online is to search for jobs that suit your qualifications, preferences, and goals. Searching for jobs websites in Ethiopia can be done quite simply and fast as you can narrow down your options by using search filters and keywords to find the best jobs. Here are some tips on how to search for jobs on your chosen jobs website:

  • Use the search filters: By going through various criteria such as sector, industry, location, salary, experience among others, you will need to use these filters so as to get to the one which will satisfy your needs or wants. The other thing you can do is employing advanced search options that allow one choose say by date of announcement or type of job or employer.
  • Use the Keywords: These are words or phrases that describe what you want from a job like job title, skills or qualification. You should use keywords to identify roles that match your profile and objectives; this helps to optimize results of research.
  • Boolean operators like AND, OR, and NOT can also be used to merge or exclude keywords, therefore enhancing accuracy and relevance of what you are searching for.
  • Use the examples: They are some of the common key words in different sectors such as IT, health, education and many more. For example, you can use them to get ideas for your search or even as a way of discovering new opportunities. Here are some examples of keywords for different sectors. 
    • IT: software engineer, web developer, data analyst, network administrator etc.
    • Health: nurse, doctor, pharmacist, health officer and laboratory technician among others.
    • Education: teacher, lecturer; trainer; curriculum developer; education officer etc

These are some tips on how to search for jobs on your chosen jobs website. Try different search filters, keywords and examples that you think will work best in finding your dream job online. You should not only check but also update your search regularly because there might be new vacancies that may be relevant to you. After identifying several jobs that interest you it is now time for you to apply for the positions

Step Four: Make Applications

The fourth and final step towards seeking and applying for the best jobs in Ethiopia over the internet is to apply for job vacancies that draw your attention, and are a fine fit for your qualifications, tastes, and objectives. It is not difficult to apply for jobs online in Ethiopia as you can submit your application documents on the web or communicate with employers via email or phone or chat. Nonetheless, applying for jobs online in Ethiopia also requires some amount of readiness, carefulness and professionalism especially when it comes to impressing employers so that they may pick you out from among the many competitors. In this case we give you some tips how to apply for jobs on your preferred jobs site.

  • Compose a cover letter: A cover letter refers to a document which introduces yourself to an employer and explains why you are interested in a particular job and what makes you qualified. You should write a cover letter that is specific, concise, persuasive, highlighting your skills, accomplishments and motivation. Also ensure that you use polite language all through with a professional tone addressing the hirer by his/her full name. You can seek assistance from templates as well as samples found on your jobs website in order to assist you write a cover letter or simply use your own words and style.
  • Write down your resume: A resume is an outline of personal information about education background, work experience, skills attained as well as achievements made. Make sure that you write out a resume which matches with the field of concern
  • Write a portfolio: A portfolio is a document or a website that displays your work samples, projects, or publications, and demonstrates your skills and abilities. You should write a portfolio that is impressive, diverse, and updated, and that showcases your best and most relevant work. You should also use a creative and user-friendly design, and provide links and references to your work. You can use the platforms and services on your jobs website to help you create a portfolio, or you can use your own words and style.
  • Submit your application and attach all the necessary documents: Once you’ve written a cover letter, a resume, and a portfolio, attach them to your online application and ensure that they are compatible with the system. Select an ordinary file format which is also secure like PDF, DOC or JPG and do not use any huge or broken files. Lastly name your files correctly so that you can quickly know their contents without having to open them. These instructions provided on the job website can help you in attaching your documents; otherwise, feel free to use any other method.
  • Oversee your application status: It is essential that after submitting an online application, one should oversee the submission process as well as assess whether an application has been received by monitoring its status. Responding to every message sent by the employer or answering any call coming from them will amount to confirming that you have accepted their offer of employment as well as showing when you are available for interview purposes. You should be very professional while talking to him/her and thank him/her for considering your request. Employ the attributes on this jobsite or employ other techniques if needed to track your application.
  • Prepare for an interview: In the event you are invited to be interviewed, you must prepare for an interview and convince the employer that you are its best candidate. You need to research about the employer and job and anticipate any questions and scenarios that you might face. Also, practice responding to questions and giving presentations, as well as dressing respectfully and professionally. Besides being on time, confident and polite, ask relevant questions that demand intelligence. To get ready for an interview with jobs website or in your own ways is possible using tips and advice from.

These are some tips on how to apply for jobs on your chosen jobs website. The following pointers should be observed while applying online; ensure your application has been correctly filled out, is comprehensive, accurate and impressive. Additionally, you have to be patient enough not to give up but carry on looking and applying for better jobs online in Ethiopia. You don’t know when luck will smile upon you!


 In conclusion, among the most effective and convenient ways of increasing your chances of securing a dream job is finding and applying for the best jobs in Ethiopia online. For example; by applying through top Ethiopian job websites such as, or etc.,

FAQs for Jobs Websites in Ethiopia

Q: What are the advantages of finding a job on the internet in Ethiopia?

A: Finding jobs online in Ethiopia can enable you to access a wide array of opportunities, save time and money, establish network connections with employers and enrich your experience in the web.

Q: Which are the leading Ethiopian jobs websites?

A: Among the leading Ethiopian jobs websites include Ethiojobs, Qefira, and JobWebEthiopia. These sites provide various features, categories and services to ease your online job search.

Q: How do I establish a profile on a jobs website in Ethiopia?

A: In order to create an account on any job site of your choice, you need to register yourself or sign up for free at that particular website. This includes personal information, academic background, work history, skills expertise, achievement records among others. A good profile photo should also be used while keeping it updated as much as possible.

Q: How do I go about searching for jobs on a jobs website based in Ethiopia?

A: You can filter your search using keywords so as to find most fitting employment opportunities that match your qualifications and interests. Additionally, you can use examples of popular relevant sectoral keywords such as IT (Information Technology), health sector or education; this will help in narrowing down your search.


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